Sewing2gether is an inclusive organisation that seeks to provide life enhancing opportunities for those who would be positively impacted from participating in their workshops.

Sewing2gether specialises in textile upcycling using unwanted or discarded fabric, saving it, transforming it, giving it a renewed purpose and uncovering the value that was there all along, taking something that was labelled as damaged goods, rubbish, useless, unwanted, unloved and hopeless, and giving it a new lease of life with all it's amazing flaws! We are delighted to accept donations of unwanted clothing, bedding, curtains etc.

Sewing2gether All Nations Wednesday 10.00am [CURRENTLY MEETING ONLINE]

We are delighted to be able to offer this FREE weekly Sewing Workshop SUPPPORTING the asylum seeker and refugee community.  This class is to support and teach those with English as a second language, or non-English speakers; predominantly those who are new to the UK and would appreciate the opportunity to engage with others in similar situations. 

So much of modern activity doesn’t have a physical end result. Sewing can make you any number of items from homeware, clothes, toys and gifts.  Sewing is a visual experience, so verbal communication is secondary as we use step by step demonstrations and can incorporate multi language flash cards. 

• Learn to use a sewing machine
• Practice your sewing skills
• Make things for yourself and your family
• Take home a finished item every week
• Produce extra items to sell at craft events
• Repair damaged clothes 

We meet every Wednesday from 10.00am.  As well as sewing, we spend time chatting and sharing with each other the things that mean a lot to us from our varied cultures. Hot drinks and a light lunch will also be provided. Bus fares may also be reimbursed.  

If you work, support or live near individuals you think would be suitable to attend please enquire about referrals by emailing us


Mossvale Community Church - free hall hire and storage facilities

Santander - running costs from May - November 2018

Foundation Scotland - for equipment for running the project in 2019

Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust - for a small grant towards running costs in 2019

The Woodward Charitable Trust  - small grant towards running costs in 2019

Scottish Refugee Council - for choosing us as one of eight projects to participate in "Sharing Lives Sharing Languages" from May 2019 - May 2020


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