Rescue Aid Mission, Ghana, West Africa

Since 2004 Mossvale have endorsed and contributed to the work of Rescue Aid Mission, [DSW/679] an NGO in Ghana. 

The charity has grown and developed from the initial projects committed to the physical and spiritual welfare of orphaned, destitute and needy children. Reforms in the Foster Care system and the introduction of free basic education in 2015 mean the charity now looks to provide other needs such as senior high school and further education for the children that have grown under their care; and also poverty relief such as food and healthcare in a nation where the average life expectancy is still only 62. They work with Pastors in Greater Accra, Central Region, Ashanti Region and Eastern Region, who have have limited resources, but do an amazing work at supporting the vulnerable in their districts. 

Since 2005 numerous teams from Mossvale have visited the Home of Hope, FAYEF International School , New Life Academy and Education4Life Academy.  We take food for the impoverished village of Krokoschwe, and medicine for the clinic in Honi.

Our focus in Ghana is the building of Mossvale Community Sanctuary, a multi-purpose facility for the people of Oshiyie and Bortianor in the Greater Accra Region.



The Life That I Live: Practical Bible Teachings on a Christian Life Pleasing to Jesus by Pastor Gladstone Kweku Mensah Akabuah

"The Life That I Live" is written as an eye opener for the present and next breed of Christians, a prayer that the life that they live will meet that of what Christ Jesus has in mind and taught. It also aims to nurture Christians, especially new born again Christians on the lifestyle they ought to live in the new family they have joined. One basic problem with Christendom is the fact that there are so many ‘babies’. When people become born again, they need to study and understand the requirements, promises and lifestyle of the master they have decided to follow. This book is purposed to help you do one thing, “the careful living”.

Pastor Gladstone Akabuah is the Senior Pastor of a growing church in Oshiye (Bortianor), Ghana. He is also the Administrator of Sponsorship for the NGO Rescue Aid Mission. Gladstone is a dynamic young man, with incredible vision and the energy to see things to their fulfilment. In the years that I have known him he has studied hard and achieved much. Together we are partners in building the church (Mossvale Community Sanctuary) and the Church. I see his Pastoral heart and how he goes the extra mile and thinks nothing of sacrifice for the needy around him in Ghana. As a Pastor and teacher, all knowledge and wisdom gleaned from the Word of God is not just for his personal growth, but food for the extended family of God, as well. This book reflects Gladstone’s heart for others, and the experience of the power of the Holy Spirit within him as “a form of joy and fear gripped my bones” enlightening scripture to his mind. That we would live the right life, the pure religion, the “careful living”. Chapter by chapter he unpicks from Matthew 5 what our life should – and shouldn’t contain. So read on, learn and relearn the pitfalls of anger, loose talk, lust, adultery, divorce, retaliation, worry, judging - and embrace forgiveness, reconciliation, integrity, love, giving, prayer and fasting, and seeking God’s Kingdom. - Pastor Hugh Chalk, Mossvale Community Church, Scotland.


"The Life That I Live" is available from the Mossy Cafe, or from Amazon as a paperback or kindle book for just £5. 

Glory Christian Education Centre and Rescue Home, Kenya, East Africa

We were delighted to bless the work of the Glory Christian Education Centre and Rescue Home, in Kenya with the funds for a minibus from the McKinley legacy entrusted to our charity for children's mission work overseas.  The centre rescue, feed, clothe, educate and empower the orphaned, destitute and children from extremely poor background.

Visit their Facebook page to find out more about their work co-ordinated by Beatrice Malika.



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