Mossvale Community Church is a charity registered in Scotland, with a small board of Trustees. We operate both in the Paisley, Renfrewshire area and overseas. The organisation is supervised by Management Team of Pastors, Elders and other Office Bearers.

But first and foremost we are a part of the body of Christ, a church, a fellowship of believers, a spiritual home, a family... Mossvale has a place and a role for everyone. Each week members are stepping up and into a new challenge, using their talents in the practical and the spiritual. We believe in body ministry - there is a vital part for everyone to play, no matter what their age or abilities - and much for you to receive also - church is more than just Sunday's - much, much more!

The Leaders Well is our pool of co-ordinators and leaders from the main areas of activity at Mossvale Church. They meet regularly to share plans and ideas, each leader representing their volunteers and the attendees of their particular meetings or events.

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